Doświadczenie czasu pandemii w późnym kapitalizmie

Celina Strzelecka


The experience of pandemic time in late capitalism

The subject of the article is the transformation of social time in the pandemic reality. The situation caused by COVID-19 provided a unique opportunity to observe sudden changes in the social rhythm. In the considerations conducted from the perspective of time studies, the author tries to specify what these changes are, and also considers how social time is shaped in the economy of late capitalism. The observations show that changes in the organization and experience of social time during a pandemic are shaped mainly on the basis of three categories: power, technology and work. The experience of the crisis of the usual feeling of time and of the uncertainty about the future, resulted in the rise of questions pertaining to the new concepts of time, the effects of this transformation and the upcoming social changes.

Słowa kluczowe: social time, pandemic time, power, technology, work, late capitalism

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