Fast science, neoliberalne reżimy produktywności oraz technologie ICT: Uniwersytet w czasach pandemii COVID-19 

Michał Mokrzan,

Marta Songin-Mokrzan


Fast science, neoliberal regimes of productivity and ICT technologies: Academy in the era of COVID-19 pandemic

The goal of the article is to answer the following question: what does the pandemic of COVID -19 reveal in the context of the discussion dedicated to the ways of the functioning of the academy today? Therefore the subject of the analysis is not the disease itself nor its cultural meanings, but the phenomena that, although present before the pandemic outbreak, became far more clear, perceptible and acutely experienced. In the article, our interest is focused on the increase of the pace of virtual social interactions, the speed of information transfer, the enhancement of academic regimes of productivity, the surplus of knowledge generated within the fields of humanities and social sciences and the role of information and communications technologies played in these processes. The main argument is that, the pandemic of COVID-19 shows how, in the context of the academy, the entire logics of late capitalist social relations and neoliberal governing of social subjects is focused.

Słowa kluczowe: COVID-19 pandemic, academy, neoliberal governmentality, late capitalism, regimes of productivity, fast science, information society, ICT technologies

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