Akademicki kaprys” czy „budowanie zrozumienia”? Refleksje z badań antropologicznych o sprawiedliwości naprawczej

Janina Radziszewska


"Academic whim" or "building understanding"? Reflections from anthropological research on restorative justice

The article focuses on restorative justice as a form of contestation against the retributive Western justice system. The emergence of the concept of restorative justice is strongly linked to the development of victimology and the movement fighting for a greater involvement of victims in the criminal proceedings. Embedded in the pattern of oppositions associated with retributive and restorative justice – conflict versus dialogue, power versus community, punishment versus responsibility – are motifs that point to the complexity of the matter of dispute resolution. The article is based on the results of research carried out in the frame of the project „Protecting and Defending the Rights of Victims of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes: Innovative Paths through Restorative Justice (LetsGoByTalking)”.

Słowa kluczowe: anthropology of law, restorative justice, hate crime

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