Odmienne głosy o zaangażowaniu: od etnologicznej enuncjacji do zastosowania antropologicznej wiedzy

Rajko Muršič


Different voices of engagement: from ethnological enunciation to application of anthropological knowledge
Since we now have many doubts about culture, especially because of its essentialization and reification, we have to rethink our position in speaking and writing about culture and our dealing with culture. Manifold responsibilities are important when we do engaged and applied ethnography in our own societies or social milieus. The aim of the text is to expose epistemological pitfalls generated from our positions of speaking. There is no neutrality, no neutral zone, no scientifi c objectivity, and no scholarly independent and neutral position.
There is a vast area of new spaces appearing for new anthropology. Ethnographer is in privileged position to enunciate cultural reality, to make it real, to manage its potentials and limitations. Ethnography may be done on many diff erent ways and aimed in different use. Ethnological enunciation is a specific social act that defines new symbolic/discursive field. It announces diff erent kinds of engagement in anthropology. Though, it seems there are not many jobs available for anthropologists in Europe, it may change – and should change.
(Przełożyła Marta Paszko)

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