Antropologia zaangażowana – między pragmatycznym wyborem a metodologiczną propozycją

Jakub Steblik


Engaged anthropology – between pragmatic choice and methodological proposition
The article consists of two main parts. In first one, the author presents two causes that explain why the thought of „Anthropology engaged” emerged. The reasons refer to the structure of „postmodern reality”. Th e fi rst hypothesis, concerns the status of knowledge and refers to ideas of Jean François Lyotard. He assumed that knowledge is getting more and more useful at the expense of theoretical refl ection. The second one refers to Zygmunt Bauman and Urlich Beck. According to their opinion, contemporary world suff ers from lack of commitment. It can be seen in many examples, from international corporation to personal relationship. Th ese two thesis are used for better understanding of reasons why the invention of „Anthropology engaged” was possible. Moreover the author presents his own understanding of „Anthropology engaged”, which should be more practical and applicable to labour market. Proposal of „Anthropology engaged” is great opportunity to think up a new way of doing this discipline.

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