Создание и функционирование афганской семьи в Беларуси (начало ХХІ в.)

Stepan Sturejko


Establishing and functioning of the Afghan family in Belarus

This article is dedicated to detection of family traditions among the Afghans in modern Belarusian environment. The research is based on results of a field work conducted mainly in Belarus in 2009-2012 (it covered 93 informants). It consisted from a series of structured interviews with Afghans who arrived in Belarus and was able to speak Russian. Afghans who failed to learn the language passed a survey. Also I made a series of interviews with a number of Belarusian citizens who are in close cooperation with Afghans.
Family traditions include a wide range of wedding, maternity and funeral traditions, the idea of choosing a spouse, an organization of family life and raising of children. In accordance to the results of survey 52% of Afghans perform traditional rituals of family cycle (mostly positive answer was given by a woman). Within the Belarusian society traditional family rituals are passed significant simplification in comparison with those described in ethnographic research made in Afghanistan
Słowa kluczowe: Afghans, family traditions, field work, Belarus

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