Geneza i ewolucja dogmatu teologicznego sekty bogomiłów (X–XII wiek)

Piotr Czarnecki


The Origin and Evolution of the Theological Dogma of the Bogomil Sect (10–12 c.)

The problem of the Bogomil sect which was founded in the 10th century is not important exclusively from the point of view of the history of Bulgaria, or else generally of the Byzantine Orient. The fact that the Bogomils contributed in a significant way to the creation of the Cathar heresy which constituted a serious threat to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, is the reason why this problem is important also from the point of view of the history of Western Europe.
Both Bogomils and Cathars have been frequently referred to in the sources as adherents of Manichaeism. Therefore, the main goal of the present article is to verify the legitimacy of this type of assertions, by analyzing the origin of the most characteristic and at the same time, the most “Manichaean” element of the Bogumil doctrine, namely its theology. In the article, the author confronts the existing theories in this respect with the testimony of the sources, whereas a comparative analysis of the theological doctrines of the three fundamental varieties of Bogomilism with the teachings of their potential initiators is legitimized by historical testimonies, that point out to the possibility of actual contacts between them.

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