Konwersje transliteraturowe - od filmu mówionego do narracji bazodanowej

Ewa Wójtowicz


Transliterary conversions: from spoken movie to database narrative

Abstract: The aim of this text is to examine the idea of endless conversions between media and the impact on the arts as a result of this process. The transliterature-based conversions and remediations may result from quite different aesthetical approaches. From Spoken Movies by Wojciech Bąkowski to exuberant and complicated visual narratives by Ryan Trecartin – we can establish some common features, among them a word-based foundation. Another important issue is a database narrative, not only known from such iconic examples such as Soft Cinema, but also in more contemporary works by Camille Henrot. The idea of a clink (content link), introduced by Theodor H. Nelson, may help to understand the incoherent relation between the visual and the textual layers of meaning. Since in the post-Internet culture a logic of mediated experience can be applied to the offline world, some examples of contemporary artistic attitudes bring to mind templates created for users rather than readers or viewers.

Słowa kluczowe: transliterature, e-literature, database, narrative, navigation, video instalation, spoken movie, interactivity, conversion, remediation

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