The Women’s March on London: Virginia Woolf, John Berger, Judith Butler and intersectionality

Maggie Humm

The paper brings together three thinkers; Judith Butler, John Berger and Virginia Woolf, not often considered together, to examine how their ideas about assemblies/demonstrations, democracy and feminism apply to the Women’s March on London January 21st 2017. Intersecting these thinkers’ ideas, drawn from psychoanalytic, feminist and cultural analyses, helps to explain key features of the March, for example its careful construction of symbols and intersectional appeal. The paper concludes that the March bore features of older feminism but offered a newer feminism in its uses of social media and intersectional approach.
Słowa kluczowe: Virginia Woolf, John Berger, Judith Butler, Intersectionality, Feminism, Women’s March on London

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