„Odmienne przestrzenie uzdrawiania” – psychologiczne terapie VR w perspektywie krytycznych i definicyjnych aspektów pojęcia rzeczywistości wirtualnej

Agnieszka Dytman-Stasieńko,

Jan Stasieńko

‘Altered Spaces of Healing’ – Psychological VR Therapies in the Perspective of Critical and Definitive Aspects of the Concept of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology that has been developing for many years shows its usefulness in many areas. In the article, we want to focus on its therapeutic potential, taking into account various dysfunctions and mental problems that VR technology is able to address. The purpose of the article, however, is not so much the classification of therapeutic VR applications as, above all, to examine the semantic aspects of selected “other spaces” created for the needs of various therapies and to indicate their often “political” and ideological character. The article will also be an attempt to determine more universal “therapeutic” properties of virtual reality that go beyond the specific technologies currently available for its creation.

Słowa kluczowe: virtual reality, virtual reality therapy, definitions of VR, ideology and persuasion in VR, philosophy of memory

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