O istocie muzeum, czyli Justyny Żak W kręgu muzealnych przedmiotów

Katarzyna Jagodzińska


About the nature of museums, the review of the book W kręgu muzealnych przedmiotów by Justyna Żak

The review concerns the book W kręgu muzealnych przedmiotów by Justyna Żak, published in 2020 by the Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. The book deals with the nature of museum objects and objects that fill museum rooms and do not have the status of museum objects, being elements of arrangement, reproductions or reconstructions. In a broader sense it is a reflection on the nature of museums, in which the notion of authenticity is of key importance. The book’s asset is a broad perspective of an object in a museum –its status, value, meaning – from theoretical reflection in the field of philosophy, sociology and aesthetics, to case studies and museum practice, supported by quotations from belles-lettres, however, the author fell into the trap of a superficiality that was difficult to avoid.

Słowa kluczowe: museum objects, authenticity, nature of museums, reproductions, reconstructions

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