Pamięć protetyczna i nierealność czasu w serialu Watchmen

Krzysztof Loska


Prosthetic Memory and Unreality of Time in „Watchmen”

Starting from a reflection on the traumatic experience of racism, the author of the article considers the possibility of transmitting the knowledge about the past and retrieving memory, and then points out how the relationships between the past, the present and the future are problematized, if we change the way we think about time, namely when it ceases to be perceived as something real or objective. The point of reference for further considerations is the HBOWatchmen series, made in 2019, which exemplifies the mechanism of prosthetic memory. According to the definition proposed by Alison Landsberg, prosthetic memory includes continuity and rupture. It is connected not only with the individual but the collective dimension as well, as it is related to the sphere of politics. In other words, it is a vehicle thanks to which we can travel to other places and times, and thanks to which the viewer may refer to important social and psychological issues.

Słowa kluczowe: studia nad traumą, pamięć protetyczna, seriale telewizyjne, powieści graficzne, eternalizm i filozofia czasu, trauma studies, prosthetic memory, television series, graphic novels, eternalism and philosophy of time

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