Narcyzm – autentyczność – atopia. Cyfrowe twarze „nowego człowieka”

Wojciech Józef Burszta,

Michał Rydlewski


Narcissism - authenticity - atopy. Digital faces of the „new man”.         

Narcissism, as mentioned by many authors, is one of the defining characteristics of modern culture. Substantial technological changes, especially in communication and media changed our own experience of aloof narrative of ourselves into a narrative „from ourselves”, by means of democratization and fetishization of the self-narrative. It would not be possible to such extent if not for the unprecedented expansion of multimedia and the complete time consumption which they offer. It can be said that the digital culture and its typical logorrhea of word-pictures are the very core of  XXI century narcissism in all its appearances and allow us to think that a completely new man is created who finally can exercise his/her own individuality without boundaries and can be „authentic”. One of the most insightful observers of that oecumenical illusion is Byung-Chul Han - a German culture expert and philosopher whose reflections we fill with empirical matter.

Słowa kluczowe: narcissism, authenticity, atopy, Byung-Chul Han.

Pierwotną wersją czasopisma jest wersja elektroniczna publikowana
kwartalnie w internecie. Czasopismo ukazuje się w sposób ciągły on-line.