(Nie)przewidywalność dynamiki. Refleksje o kryzysie i mieście (na marginesie myśli J. Łotmana i R. Thoma)

Mikołaj Madurowicz


(Un)predictability of dynamics. Reflections about the crisis and the city (in the margins of thoughts of J. Łotman and R. Thom)

The article deals with three issues: (1) how to understand the crisis in the context of the city, (2) what components in the urban crisis equation can be distinguished (constant, variable, unknown), and (3) according to which criteria the predictability of the dynamics of processes taking place in an urbanized environment should be understood. In the analysis, categories of text, code, narrative (discourse), structure and conditions were used as levels of crisis interpretation – in the light of findings of culture semiotician J. Łotman and mathematician R. Thom. The main result of this study is that the crisis is a stable standard (rule) for all unstable morphologies, including cities.

Słowa kluczowe: kryzys, miasto, przewidywalność, Łotman, Thom

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