Pozorny kryzys własności. Współdzielony rower miejski - koniec konsumpcji czy utopia współdzielenia?

Marcin Krassowski,

Grzegorz Młynarski


In the following article, we explore interconnections between using bicycle sharing systems and the personal approach to ownership as well as to such practices as shared use and borrowing. Based on primary, qualitative research conducted in march 2020 we claim that public bicycles – despite their history rooted in ideas of common use – are perceived as one of many services available within the city. Users see them as useful in a particular situation but do not associate them with shared use or the common good. Therefore we claim that bike-sharing systems – despite optimism – cannot be classified as part of the sharing economy. Based on users opinions they should be classified as part of access based or collaborative consumption.

Słowa kluczowe: bike-sharing systems, sharing economy, access-based consumption, ownership.

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