Nowe zarządzanie pieniądzem w epoce antropocenu. Ekologia człowieka Alfa Hornborga

Ewa Bińczyk


The article discusses in depth the so-called human ecology of a Swedish anthropologist and Science and Technology Studies’ researcher, Alf Hornborg. Human ecology has been created in response to dramatic political and environmental challenges of the Anthropocene. It is anti-neoliberal and it helps to anticipate a global degrowth revolution.

In his last book, entitled Nature, Society, and Justice in the Anthropocene. Unraveling the Money-Energy-Technology Complex, Hornborg creates a vision of a profound transformation of a crucial artifact – general purpose money. He criticises illusions of machine fethishism. At the same time, he undermines „extractivism of the Anthropocene” which is based on an unequal exchange between rich nations and developing countries. Hornborg postulates to introduce a complementary currency for local use only, which would be distributed to all residents as a basic income. The text explores the strong and weak points of Hornborg’s standpoint.

Słowa kluczowe: ekologia człowieka (human ecology), antropocen, reforma pieniądza, postwzrost, ekonomia ekologiczna, ekstraktywizm antropocenu, fetyszyzm maszynowy

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