Modele publikacyjne w nauce o kulturze

Agnieszka Gołda,

Anna Małgorzata Kamińska,

Łukasz Wyciślik


Publication models in the science of culture

This article examines quantitatively the patterns of research phenomena being observed during last years in the field of cultural studies basing on the data acquired from Scopus - one of the biggest scientific bibliographic databases. The authors of the article were inspired to undertake such research from the recent amendment of Polish legislation called the Constitution for Science, which promotes inter-institutional and international research. Therefore, the results of the investigation were prepared for all countries publishing in Scopus indexed literature, but with particular emphasis on Polish participation.

The conducted research allowed to identify the dominant publication languages in the studied field, the quantitative publication share of individual countries, the average number of authors per one publication from a given country, but also made it possible to identify countries willing to cooperate with each other, which was visualized on the so-called cooperation maps.

In addition, Polish and global scientific productivity measured by the number of articles was embedded in the so-called Polish „ministerial list”of journals, which may give Polish scientists of the field of cultural studies hints on the choice of a journal dealing with relevant topics and being indexed in the Scopus database.

Słowa kluczowe: publication models, development trends, Scopus data analysis, scientific communication, science of culture