Biometria w sztuce nowych mediów

Piotr Zawojski


Biometrics in the Art of New Media

The review is devoted to the main themes presented in the book by Ewelina Twardoch-Raś Sztuka biometryczna w perspektywie filozofii post- i transhumanizmu. W stronę estetyki postafektywnej [Biometric Art in the Perspective of the Philosophy of Post- and Transhumanism. Towards Post-affective Aesthetics]. The author emphasizes the pioneering nature of this publication on a global scale, because so far no monographic author’s study of this issue has been published. Biometric art can be included in the broad context of contemporary new media art, but its specificity is considered in this case primarily in the context of posthumanist and transhumanist philosophy and the author’s interpretation of post-affective aesthetics. The review pays particular attention to the author’s accurate recognition that biometric art is a practical step beyond the world of new media and establishing a new area of ​​post-media practice. In this case based on biomediation defined as “post-media hybridization” of biological and technological components.

Słowa kluczowe: biometric art, new media arts, posthumanism, transhumanism, post-affective aesthetics, postmedia

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