Czy psychobiografia musi być redukcjonistyczna? Lucy in the mind of Lennonjako przykład pomostu pomiędzy naukami humanistycznymi i psychologią.

Marcela Kościańczuk


Psychobiography- if it has to be reductionist? Lucy in the mind of Lennon as as an example of a bridge between the humanities and psychology

In the article I will present Timm Kasser's psychobiography entitled Lucy in the mind of Lennon as an example of a non-psychoanalytical psychobiography that is multidisciplinary. Psychobiography will also be treated here as an opportunity for the humanities and psychology to come closer, and this rapprochement will be presented from the perspective of the humanities. At the same time, I would like to point out that psychobiography may come close to the assumptions of empirically oriented disciplines.

In a broader context, the article also introduces the reader to the contemporary approach to psychobiography, as well as a discussion with previous ways of presenting it.

Słowa kluczowe: psychobiografia, John Lennon, badania interdyscyplinarne / psychobiography, multidisciplinary research

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