Prawda ekranu. O praktyce screenshotowania

Jan Jęcz


The truth of screen. On the practice of screenshotting

The article explores the phenomenon of the popularity of screenshots and the variety of contexts in which they are used. Screenshotting is treated as a social practice, drawing on the theory of practices, primarily Theodore Schatzki's approach. On its basis, two aspects of the creation of screenshots are highlighted: bodily-material and social framework. Analysis of both results in the description of screenshotitng as a dispersed practice and a key component of integrative practices, especially those that deal with proving the truth. Finally, those reflections lead to the postulate that screenshots should be given greater recognition in the social sciences as an important source of knowledge about everyday life on the internet.

Słowa kluczowe: zrzuty ekranu, nędzne obrazy, teoria praktyk, praktyki medialne / screenshots, poor images, practice theory, media practices

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