Myśleć przez morze. Sztrandowanie i inne metafory, w poszukiwaniu poznawczych alternatyw

Małgorzata Owczarska


In this article, I would like to consider the comparison of stranding to landcentric cognitive processes that translate into the creation of an impossible world – devoid of water and its potentials, rhythms and cycles immersed in it. I will illustrate this with examples of fresh water and sea hydro-policies (including nuclear trials in the Pacific) and will explore cognitive and activist alternatives proposed by the Polynesian sailors and navigators. I will also use two ambiguous metaphors of a ship and a Polynesian voyaging canoe as an opening for different narrations of the planets’ future in the climate crisis.

Słowa kluczowe: blue humanities, water, ocean, sea epistemologies, Polynesia, blue anthropology, hydro-politics, sea metaphors, ship as metaphor, Polynesian canoe, Pacific studies, climate crisis, water in anthropology, stranding, wreck