(Pod)wodne słuchanie i dryfująca antropologia hydrodźwięku

Agata Stanisz


(Under)water listening and a drifting anthropology of hydrosound

The aim of the article is to show the methodological and practical potential of combining anthropology of sound, wet ontology and the oceanic ecology of the soundscape. I refer to this combination as the drifting anthropology of hydrosound. Taking advantage of the transdisciplinary nature of an anthropology of sound and presenting the specificity of underwater techno-mediated listening, I point to a shift towards less anthropocentric and inclusive understanding of human and environmental interactions. This inclusiveness is exceptionally clear in the practices of underwater listening. The article is divided into three parts. The first is an outline of the process of the emergence of anthropology of water and an introduction to the anthropology of sound. In the second part, I focus on the underwater listening processes. In the third, final one, I try to formulate the anthropology of hydrosound by referring to the wet ontology as well as multi- and interspecies approaches

Słowa kluczowe: antropologia dźwięku, antropologia wody, bioakustyka, ekologia akustyczna, hydrofonia, soundscape

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