Appleness of the apple or the dualism of Deleuzian sensation

Kamil Lipiński


This article addresses the figural dimension of Gilles Deleuze’s thought in terms of twofold relation of forces alligned with the dualism of figures emerging in the visual image. The drive towards the differentiation of haptic figures provides an insight into the anti-representative approach to figurative cliché of painting to reveal the crucial tropes of figural presence and the profound understanding of Deleuzian decentration by addressing the inner context of his writings and external writings commenting his thought. In this essay I review Deleuze‘s argument, his use and critique of Riegl, the central place of what he calls hapticity in this vision, and consider his attempt to illustrate what this „sensation“ might be.

Słowa kluczowe: dualism, bipolar movement resonance, figure, sensation, figurality

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