Ekozofie Guattariego

Aleksandra Ubertowska


Guattari’s Ecosophies

The article is a meta-theoretical study devoted to the ecosophical project of Felix Guattari developed in his two books „ The Three Ecologies” i „Chaosmosis. An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm”. According to Aleksandra Ubertowska, the core aim of Guattari’s work is rethinking of the issue of subject which he regards as a process of the non-anthropocentric subjectivisation. Ubertowska devotes particular attention to the notion of transversality, intersection of many processes, social and enviromental axes which in Guattari’s work should determine the ecosophical approach. In the late part of the article Ubertowska elaborates on the concept of chaosmosis which Guattari compared to the language of madness, and defines as oscillation between excess of meanings and vacuum of signs.

Słowa kluczowe: Felix Guattari, ecosophy, chaosmosis, subjectivisation

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