Z korespondencji naukowców: Stefan Morawski i Roman Ingarden

Dominika Czakon,

Natalia Anna Michna,

Leszek Sosnowski


The article is a scientific overview of the preserved correspondence of Stefan Morawski and Roman Witold Ingarden from 1961-1969. The 1960s were a period of important events and changes in both the lives of Ingarden and Morawski. In both cases, the background was the political situation in Poland, of which – in a certain sense – both philosophers became victims. Although their attitude and political commitment differed – Ingarden remained indifferent to politics, unlike Morawski, who belonged to the party – it turned out that both of them suffered harassment from state officials.

In addition to discussing scientific issues, the letters of both philosophers contain a lot of information on current and important issues for them directly, and indirectly for the Polish scientific community of that time. Therefore, the article discusses publishing issues, organizational and scientific matters related to conference trips, and scientific issues related to the reviews of master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations. The historical background and private fate of both philosophers were also taken into account, which is not insignificant for their scientific work and mutual relations.

Słowa kluczowe: Roman Ingarden, Stefan Morawski, correspondence, Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw, aesthetics

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