Fenomenologia, film i awangarda. O inspiracjach Stefana Morawskiego

Piotr J. Przybysz


Phenomenology, film and the avant-garde. The inspirations of Stefan Morawski

The article addresses three key issues that are presented in the section of the "Cultural Studies Review" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Stefan Morawski. Firstly, the issue of the relationship between Stefan Morawski and Roman Ingarden and his environment, where I draw attention to the role of Roman Ingarden's phenomenology in building an independent position in S. Morawski's aesthetics/philosophy of art. Secondly, in reconstructing S. Morawski's aesthetic views on the basis of published film reviews and on the basis of his reflections on film criticism and artistic meta-criticism, I pay attention to the axiological context of the hierarchisation of works of art, which is the basis of this review. Thirdly, I present basic findings on avant-garde and neo-avant-garde art, as well as on avant-garde theory. This provides an opportunity to better recognise what Morawski's diagnosis of continuity and severance in the historical development of art was in this area. The above three issues are preceded by biographical information, which is continued in the rest of the text. In this way, S. Morawski's choices and changes of interests become more understandable and fraught with consequences.

Słowa kluczowe: Stefan Morawski, Roman Ingarden, film, axiology, avant-garde art, neo-avant-garde art, avant-garde theory

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