„Afryka, która nadchodzi”. Nie-utopijna wizja przyszłości w powieści Rouge impératqrice Léonory Miano

Agata Mrowińska


“The Africa that’s coming”. A non-utopian vision of the future in Léonora Miano’s Rouge impératrice

This article seeks to present the way in which the afrofuturism as a literary genre can be used to reflect on the potential of the African future. In the novel Rouge impératrice, published in 2019, Cameroonian author Léonora Miano introduces a vision of the future united state of Katiopa which enables her to reconsider some present problems and offered socio-political solutions. The image of the possible future of the African states constitutes a clever and innovative analysis of the current political and cultural issues of the African continent, and its possibilities for a stable and peaceful progress. In the same time, Miano tries to stay clear of the category of Black utopia.

Słowa kluczowe: afrofuturism, postcolonialism, African Identity, Black utopia

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