Latające statki i podwodne plemiona – afrofuturystyczne konteksty mitu Flying Africans

Elżbieta Binczycka-Gacek


This article's objective is to compare different afrofuturistic texts containing references to the Flying Africans myth. My main focus is analyzing Anthony Joseph's text The African Origins of UFOs and Nalo Hopkinson's novel The Salt Roads in the musical funk and ambient context. My main focus is the song Star Child from album The Mothership Connection by the American band Parliment / Funkadelic and an electo-ambient album by the American group Drexciya, entitled The Quest, built around a story about an underwater human raceliving in the bottom of the Atlantic, born of pregnant women thrown overboard by slave ships.

Słowa kluczowe: afrofuturism, comparative literature, Flying Africans, postcolonialism, postcolonial literature

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