Gender a kultury muzyczne – kulturoznawcze spojrzenie na badania etnomuzykologiczne i historyczne

Karolina Kizińska


Gender and musical cultures – ethnomusicological and historical research in the perspective of cultural studies
This article’s aim is to show the importance of the usage of gender category in the analyses of musical cultures. In order to do that, the author shows how crucial gender is in ethnomusicological theories, as well as in social hierarchy theories. All that to see gender as a part of the person’s identity, and also as a part of the whole experience of one’s life in the society. By closely analyzing circumstances that influence the life of a musician or any other individual we can understand their actions, their place in the musical culture, the reasons their work was seen the way it was. And those circumstances include gender experience. Gender, as one of many elements of social hierarchy, is to be seen as a factor that cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Słowa kluczowe: gender, ethnomusicology, women’s history, feminist musicology

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