Lekcja Karla Dedeciusa

Markus Eberharter


Karl Dedecius’s Lesson
Błażej Kaźmierczak has compiled a Karl Dedecius bibliography which lists about 800
items: books, articles, anthologies, interviews. However, Karl Dedecius’s Works. An
Annotated Selected Bibliography (Dzieła Karla Dedeciusa. Wybór bibliografi czny
adnotowany) is still not complete. One reason for its incompleteness is the breadth and
variety of this eminent German translator’s output. Another is the meticulousness of the
Polish scholar, who has not included into his bibliography some of Dedecius’s works,
because – for example – their pages are not numbered. While such a scholarly pedantry
might be regretted, it is worth pointing out what makes this publication so valuable: the

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