Percepcja audiodeskrypcji wśród nauczycieli szkół specjalnych

Wojciech Figiel


Perception of Audio Description among Teachers of Special Schools (in Poland)
This paper presents the results of research into perception of audio description among teachers employed in special schools for the visually impaired in Poland. Due to the lack of data in this field, qualitative methods were used. The project involved 19 teachers from 3 special schools, and it included analysis of 11 in-depth interviews with teachers from two special schools. The questions focused on previous experiences with audio description and possibilities for wider application of this technique in educational settings. The results show that teachers know what AD is, and their experiences with this technique are positive. Nonetheless, AD is not widely used in education, although teachers admit that it has huge potential in this sphere and recommend its use in numerous didactical contexts. Furthermore, teachers offer a range of activities that could be undertaken to popularise AD in educational settings. Their recommendations concern writing scripts, distribution and promotion of AD.

Słowa kluczowe: audiodeskrypcja, nauczyciele, szkoła specjalna, metody badań jakościowych

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