Historia strukturalna, czyli długie trwanie przekładu artystycznego

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz


Structural History or the Long Term of Artistic Translation

The article reviews the recent book of Jerzy Święch (Z historii i poetyki przekładu, 2021) as an excellent document of the history of Polish structuralist translation studies. Contrary to what the author modestly suggests, Święch’s theoretical statements and historical readings of artistic translations are of much more than solely archival or museal interest. The book contributes to ongoing debates about the ways of studying and writing the history of literary translation in necessary conjunction with, and at the same time independently of, the history of national literatures. Święch’s studies invariably serve as guidelines for analyses of artistic translations in the light of historical poetics and the sociology of literature. Many of the biographical and sociological issues raised by the Lublin scholar resonate with recent research tendencies in Translator Studies.

Słowa kluczowe: historia przekładu literackiego, historyczna poetyka przekładu, socjologia literatury, przekładoznawstwo, badania nad tłumaczem, studia nad modernizmem, literary translation history, historical poetics of translation, sociology of literature, translation studies, Translator Studies, modernism studies