Wszystkie kolory przekładu (rec. Prismatic Translation, red. M. Reynolds, Cambridge: Legenda, 2019)

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz


All Colours of Translation

The article discusses the collective book Prismatic Translationedited by Matthew Reynolds (Cambridge: Legenda, 2019) in the light of the history of optical metaphors for translation and recent modernism studies. Tracing the conceptual genealogy of the termand the subtleties of its theoretical usage, the reviewer argues that “prismatic translation” remains an impressive though still excessively ambiguous translation studies metaphor that has not yet solidified into a precise and operative theoretical tool. Notwithstanding these objections, Prismatic Translation can be considered an excellent reference for professionals and students engaged in literary and cultural translation studies as well as comparative modernism studies.

Słowa kluczowe: przekład pryzmatyczny, Matthew Reynolds, przekładoznawstwo, studia nad modernizmem, metafory przekładu, przekład eksperymentalny