Od czynów do słów: intersemiotyczne nadpisy w uwspółcześnionych spektaklach operowych

Aleksandra Ożarowska


Putting Action into Words: Intersemiotic Surtitles in Modernised Opera Productions

Since their debut over operatic stages in the early 1980s, surtitles have become an important part of the audiovisual translation field. It is also, among others, thanks to them that opera is currently regaining its popularity – they make opera productions more accessible and audience-friendly. Surtitles can also considerably shape an opera production, especially when it is modernised. Modernising operatic productions is nowadays one of the most popular trends in major opera houses, though it is not free of many challenges. Libretti are always sung in original, but bringing the action a few centuries ahead may mean that the original text does not correspond to what the viewers can see on the stage. In such cases surtitles may serve as a bridge between the original and stage design. Recently, some opera houses have started treating surtitles as an integral part of their productions and sometimes the whole translation follows the modernised production both semantically and stylistically. The original for such translations is then not just the libretto, but the whole production and surtitles become intersemiotic. This clash between different messages is the source of innovation and surtitles, which closely follow modernised productions may be considered to be a translational experiment.

Słowa kluczowe: przekład, opera, libretto, intersemiotyczność, nadpisy, przekład audiowizualny