Od Jądra ciemności przez Serce mroku ku Sercu ciemności czyli o eksperymentach przekładowych Jacka Dukaja 

Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech


The article examines two works by Jacek Dukaj Serce mroku and Serce ciemności. The former is Dukaj’s short story inspired by Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness while the latter is an experimental translation of it. The author argues that in both cases Dukaj uses similar methods for experiential transference. The techniques comprise amplification, explication and condensation, among others. Dukaj called his form of translation „transfiguration or transfusion” whereas the author proposes for this the term transcreation. Transcreation is an aesthetic reinterpretation of the original work suited to a new target language audience. In other words, it is an authorial version of Heart of Darkness which leaves no space for interpretative indeterminacy.

Słowa kluczowe: przekład eksperymentalny, transkreacja, Dukaj, Serce ciemności, Conrad