Sztuka (nie)eksperymentalnego przekładu literatury cyfrowej. Wokół (nie)powtarzalnego przypadku tłumaczenia (Nie)panowania

Agnieszka Przybyszewska


A (non)experimental translation of electronic literature. On (un)repeatable translation of Loss of Grasp

The article focuses on (Nie)panowanie,the Polish translation of Loss of Grasp by Serge Bouchardon and  Vincent Volckaert. The main part of the study consists of detailed report of translator work made in 2019 and her experience is compared with experiences of translators of other 10 languages versions of the work. This study is accompanied by some more general reflection on problems of e-literature translation, especially in context of experimental translation theory. Two main questions the author deals with are: should e-lit translation always be seen as an experimental one, and what does it, in practice, mean to translate interactive and multimedia work. The last part of the article offers broaden reflection in the field: thoughts on trans-platform translation as a kind of digital literature preservation and on the problems of platform liability or programming obsolescence. 

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