Przekład eksperymentalny: techniki, formy, metajęzyki

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz,

Katarzyna Bazarnik


The aim of the article is to introduce a new series of studies on theoretical, methodological, analytical, and interpretive problems of “translation anomalies”. Functioning as a medium of artistic innovation and creative cognition, experimental literary translation has a laboratory meaning both for translators and translation, literary and cultural scholars. It allows to highlight the fundamental problems of artistic creation, the theory of literature, the theory of artistic translation and the theory of intercultural communication. On the one hand, translation experiments confirm the necessity of using interdisciplinary research instruments; on the other hand, they show translation as a fundamental metaphor that describes the innovative and dynamic nature of technology.

Słowa kluczowe: przekład eksperymentalny, literatura eksperymentalna, liberatura (literatura totalna), przekład nowomedialny, autokomentarz