Restricted Repetitive Behaviors Phenotype? Calling Attention to Children Who Are Not Diagnosed with ASD and Exhibit Excessive Interest in Specific Topics or Repetitive Behaviors

Hagit Nagar-Shimoni,

Shahar Gindi,

Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen,

Yael Leitner


The aim of this report is to call attention to a unique clinical group of children who are not diagnosed with ASD but exhibit excessive interest in specific topics or repetitive behaviors. It is argued that this group might require specific developmental stimulation, especially in light of the fact that it does not receive adequate professional treatment or support. The results of conducted surveys are supplemented with additional diagnostic and anamnestic data from which practical conclusions based on research evidence are drawn and general guidelines for intervention are formulated. Further research into this group is also suggested.

Słowa kluczowe: ASD (autism spectrum disorder), DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), ADOS (Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule, ASD (Spektrum zaburzeń autystycznych), DSM-V, ADOS, (Protokół obserwacji do diagnozowania zaburzeń ze spektrum autyzmu)