Nowe zasady komunikacji elektronicznej w postępowaniu sądowoadministracyjnym

Piotr Ruczkowski


The New Rules of Electronic Communications in Administrative Court Proceedings

The purpose of this review is to analyse the legal regulations introducing new rules for electronic communications in administrative court proceedings as of 11 February 2017 and to demonstrate the benets but also risks resulting from the process of informatisation. One of the signicant changes refers to the admissibility of  submitting electronic-format pleadings at courts.

On the one hand, the broader implementation of information technology in administrative court proceedings may contribute to accelerating such proceedings, but on the other hand. It may involve some risks such as technical issues related to hardware and so ware, problems with interpretation of new IT terms, or problems with impersonation or unauthorised disclosure of personal data.

Słowa kluczowe: technologie informatyczne, komunikacja elektroniczna, e-administracja, e-sądy, sądy administracyjne, postępowanie sądowoadministracyjne

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