Licytacja i aukcja elektroniczna jako elementy nowoczesnego systemu zamówień publicznych

Paweł Marek Woroniecki


Electronic Sales and Auctions as Elements of the Modern Public-Procurement System

An electronic sale is conspicuous by a specific schema of acting fixed by the article 74–article 81 of the Public Contracts Law Act of 29th January 2004 (consolidated text: Dz.U. of 2015, item 2164). In the Public Contracts Law Act, the legislator also concretized – especially in article 91a, article 91b and article 91c of this Act – legal shape of an electronic auction. Article 74 item 1 of the above-mentioned Act indicates among other things, that in the electronic sale one ought to employ a form located within an internet page. Analogically, in article 91c item 1 the first sentence of the same Act the legislator requires in particular using – during the electronic auction – a form hooked to an internet page.

Słowa kluczowe: aukcja elektroniczna, licytacja elektroniczna, podpis elektroniczny, strona internetowa, zamówienia publiczne

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