Konstanty Tyszkiewicz i jego kontakty z Towarzystwem Naukowym Krakowskim

Zofia Rydlewska


Konstanty Tyszkiewicz, son of Pius and Augusta née Plater, was born in Łohojsk in 1806. Influenced by his brother Eustachy, he got interested in archeology, conducting research within the area of old castles and digging into kurgans. He established a museum in the Łohojsk palace, in which, apart from the objects from his digs, he gathered a rich collection of art and a valuable archive. He is the author of a few works based mainly on his own archeological and ethnographic research. In the interest of modernization of his estate, he introduced new solutions in soil cultivation and established factories and a bank. In 1858, he visited Cracow and got in touch with the Cracow archeologists, inter alia with J. Łepkowski. In the following years he made several donations to the Cracow Scientific Society. In 1860, he was appointed a member correspondent of the Cracow Scientific Society. He died in Minsk in 1868.