Grafika użytkowa (1991–2013). Historia i działalność Krakowskiej Galerii Ekslibrisu

Joanna Brońka


The Ex-Libris Gallery of the Cultural Centre Podgórze in Cracow is the only such institution functioning in southern Poland. Its basic objective is to gather, archive, compile and present bookplates. This objective, which Andrzej Znamirowski (the founder of the gallery) set for himself, is being achieved through numerous exhibitions, compiling catalogues, publications, lectures and meetings of the bookplates lovers. The article presents a twenty-four – year history and activity of the Cracow Ex-Libris Gallery. Since 1991, when the idea to establish the gallery was born, until the present year. The history of the Ex-Libris Gallery of the Cultural Centre Podgórze is preceded by a brief history of the bookplate in Poland. The text is supplemented with the bibliography including the catalogues of the exhibitions presenting the selected ex-librises. The article is based on source literature, and was written thanks to Andrzej Znamirowski’s co-operation.