Patriotyczny prolog Zdzisława Kleszczyńskiego dla teatrów warszawskich na 3 maja 1916 r.

Adrian Uljasz


The article refers to the material from the manuscript collection of the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow – a text by a poet, publicist and journalist, Zdzisław Kleszczyński (1889 – 1938) The Prologue for the Warsaw theatres for the 3rd of May 1916 written on the 125th anniversary of the Constitution. It includes the analysis of the work, information about the author and the circumstances of its creation and performance. The article is supplemented with an appendix – a scientific and critical publication of The Prologue. The Prologue was performed on the 3rd of May 1916 in the Rozmaitości Theatre in Warsaw before four stage productions of The Return of the Envoy by Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz. Between The Prologue by Kleszczyński and the comedy of the Enlightenment age people sang God Save Poland.