Pamiątki po Henryku Sienkiewiczu w zbiorach Biblioteki Naukowej PAU i PAN w Krakowie

Ewa Danowska


2016 marks the 170th birthday and 100th death anniversary of Henryk Sienkiewicz. On this occasion The Senate of Poland proclaimed 2016 the year of Sienkiewicz. In the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences there are a lot of materials connected with the writer, the majority of them studied and published. There are bio- bibliographi- cal materials; especially interesting are his letters to private people and to institutions. A very valuable item is the manuscript of the “Letters from Africa” from the “Czas” (a daily newspaper) files. Sienkiewicz is referred to in the memoirs of Felicja Kęszycka-Schnayder, who describes her meeting with the writer in Switzerland and later his funeral. Sienkiewicz and his work was also the subject of the studies of Józef Marian Święcicki, Benedykt Filipowicz or Józef Tretiak. An example of the writer’s interest in fine arts are his pencil drawings- sketches. The Library possesses also numerous photographs of Henryk Sienkiewcz. What is more, in Father Jan Fijałek’s collection there are numerous newspaper clips referring to Sienkiewicz giving an insight into his life and work. Sienkiewicz’s links with the Academy of Arts and Sciences should also be mentioned. He was a founder of Maria Sienkiewicz née Szetkiewicz (his wife) scholarship that was administrated by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.