Rękopisy autorskie dwóch patriotycznych wierszy Jana Lechonia

Adrian Uljasz


The original manuscripts of Jan Lechoń’s two patriotic poems

Among the particularly valuable original manuscripts which are accessible in the collections of the Scientific Library of PAU and PAN are those of two poems by Jan Lechoń (Leszek Serafinowicz) (1899–1956): A Song about Stefan Starzyński and Farewell to ‘Marsellaise’, written in exile during the Second World War; they belong to the legacy of Ryszard Ordyński (1878–1953), a world-famous Polish theatre, opera, and film director. They form a part of the varia among Ordyński’s papers. The poems have never been cited by the authors of studies of Lechoń’s oeuvre, hence the presentation of their scholarly edition in the current volume of the ‘Yearbook of the Scientific Library of PAU and PAN in Cracow’.