Szlachcic – mieszczaninem. Losy miecznika lubelskiego Józefa Siestrzeńskiego w świetle jego ostatniej woli z 17 czerwca 1652 r.

Maciej Ziemierski


A nobleman–burgher. The fortunes of the Lublin swordsmith Józef Siestrzeński in the light of his will of 17 June 1652

This article presents the person of the Lublin burgher Józef Siestrzeński (d. 1652). In all likelihood descended from the impoverished Mazovian gentry, Siestrzeński resolved to seek his livelihood in the town, hence his decision to settle in Lublin. Here he achieved success; admittedly, he never became a member of the local municipal élite, but he attained a strong position both in his trade (in the swordsmiths’ guild) and financially, in the latter aspect by acquiring a house in a prestigious quarter of the city. Additionally, his testament sheds some light on everyday life during the great plague in 1652.