Kazimierza Dobrowolskiego studia nad osadnictwem w dawnej Polsce

Jerzy Wyrozumski


Kazimierz Dobrowolski’s study of settlement in old Poland

The research carried out by Kazimierz Dobrowolski (1894-1987), a historian, ethnographer, and sociologist, focused on religious life as well as on the spiritual culture, mentality and the manuscript book in medieval and Renaissance Poland. However, his scholarly achievements include also numerous works of value concerning settlement in our country. They are more worthy of note as before him the history of research on settlement in Poland had not been very advanced. The scholars who had taken up this issue were Tadeusz Wojciechowski, Karol Potkański, and Franciszek Bujak. The last-mentioned researcher inspired Dobrowolski, his pupil, whose works embrace a number of studies concerning the earliest forms of the Polish village, Carpathian place-names, migration, as well as the earliest settlement in the Podhale region. It is worth recalling this aspect of Dobrowolski’s activity in view of the recent 30th anniversary of the eminent scholar’s death.