Jan Kazimierz Tetmajer w świetle spuścizny rękopiśmiennej w Bibliotece Naukowej PAU i PAN w Krakowie

Karolina Grodziska


Jan Kazimierz Tetmajer in the light of his manuscript legacy in the Scientific Library of PAU and PAN in Cracow

In 1969 a large assembly of the family papers of Włodzimierz Tetmajer (1861–1923), an eminent Polish painter, but also a poet and politician, was purchased for the collections of the Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow. Among his personal and family papers, articles, autographs, and drafts of poems, as well as sketches, notebooks, and drawings there were also materials concerning his eldest son, Jan Kazimierz Tetmajer, who in 1919 volunteered for the Polish Army then in formation and who was killed in July 1920 fighting against the Bolsheviks at the Battle of Stanisławczyk.
After his grave was found, his body was brought to Cracow and buried in the Bronowicki Cemetery. The monument standing over the grave bears a plaque with a portrait of the young uhlan; it is also engraved with patriotic poems and additionally decorated with an uhlan’s shako.
Preliminary research into the artist’s manuscripts allowed the author to single out and present Włodzimierz Tetmajer’s notes and personal reflections as well as the artist’s poems, ones full of love and pride in his son. His legacy also includes four different sketches of the sepulchral monument.