„Przeżywamy wielkie dni dziejowe”. Obraz rodzącego się niepodległego państwa polskiego w „Dzienniczku z czasów wojny 1914–1921” Franciszka Dudy

Maria Urgacz


‘We are living in truly historic days’. The renascent independent Polish state as portrayed in Franciszek Duda’s ‘Diary from the time of the 1914–1921 war’

Franciszek Duda, a representative of the Cracow intelligentsia, an employee of the National Archives of Municipal and Land Records (today the National Archives in Krakow) and from 1924  its director, has left behind a five-volume Diary from the Time of the 1914–1921 War. He undertook to put down his recollections with future scholars in mind. The present edition comprises a part of volume 4, concerning the period between 8 October and 19 November 1918, in which he gives a picture of Cracow and its inhabitants on the threshold of the revival of independent Poland; this picture is enriched with his own, very interesting comments and reflections on the events of the day.