„Stanęli w potrzebie”. Służba wojskowa przyszłych członków Polskiej Akademii Umiejętności w latach 1914–1920

Maria Urgacz


‘They stood up [to serve] in need’. Military service of future members of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences between 1914 and 1920

This article heralds a book describing the military career of members of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences during the First World War and the subsequent Polish-Bolshevik War. Thus far the author has succeeded in selecting 158 professors who between 1914 and 1920 were definitely called up and who took part in active military service. For many of them numerous biographical entries have been written; however, these mainly consider their academic activity. The book is meant to contain detailed information about each individual professor’s participation in the particular armed conflict, to elaborate on where the operation took place, in which army and detachment they served and under whose command, as well as when and to what military rank they were promoted and what decorations were awarded. Iconographic material is to represent an important part of the upcoming publication